One Weekend Online Biz Creator Course

Want to know exactly how to create your own online business? This step by step course catered to Moms, will get you from idea to fully operational business in only 3 days time!

Does this relate with you?

  • You’re looking for a way to make money from home, so you don’t have to put your child/children in daycare?
  • You want to work from home but don’t want to work for a call in company or survey job?
  • You want the opportunity to potentially build a highly profitable business or career ?
  • You have thought of starting your own online money making adventure in the past but feel overwhelmed with the business part of things and have no idea where to start?

By building your own online business, you can

  • Choose your own hours, which means you can create a balance between work and taking care of your children
  • Work from anywhere
  • Create passive income
  • Easily turn a hobby, interest or knowledge into a service or product that can make you money
  • Be your own boss
  • You can live without income limits; with more promoting and hard work you can make more money than with a “normal” job.

You can live a life that is built around your schedule and interests



Released immediately after enrollment

The pre-course module helps you prepare for your new business adventure. It is also an essential module for those who don’t have a clear direction or a business idea. These lessons will help you find a business idea, business name and help narrow down who your business should be catered to.

DAY 1: Branding

On day one, you will learn what a brand is and you’ll be creating your own. You will also learn how to make your very own logo, even if you know nothing about creating one.

DAY 2: Building a Website

On day two, you will learn all you need to know on creating and running your very first website. You will also learn basic web terminology and their importance. Approx. 60$ USD will have to be considered to purchase a storage for a website.

DAY 3: Getting Your Business Noticed

On day three, you will learn and apply necessary steps to start getting your business noticed through social media, and email list building.


Bonus Module

In the bonus module I teach basic photography tips, videography, managing your time as a Stay at Home Mom and business women, how to sell your first product or service and so much more!


Complimentary Review

Week following the weekend course

If you successfully complete the course by the end of Day 3, you will be eligible to send me your work for a complimentary review where I can give you a helping hand on the parts of the process where you may have had a hard time with and I'll also be making sure your brand and website are ready for the public.

The course includes:

Your Instructor



I'm Alex, I will be teaching the One Weekend Online Biz Creator Course.

A little about my background; I’ve been emerged in business since a young age, with my very first business launch at 17. With the help of a government grant I was able to buy equipment and create my first small business operation, it was a pretty exciting moment in my life.

Falling in love with computers and graphics I eventually went off to college and became a graphic design graduate. I then started freelancing and designing for my very own clients.

After finding out I was pregnant, I became interested in online businesses and spent my spare time researching and learning anything and everything about online businesses. Since then I have created and launched various businesses in different fields and helped others with their own ventures.

I know the process of a business launch like the back of my hand, and I want you to know exactly how to do it as well! It just might be the best thing that has ever happened to your career life.

Hope to be seeing you in the course!



Due to the fact that I will be answering questions and concerns and conducting reviews, I must limited the amount of registration for this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
After enrollment, you will immediately have access to the Pre-Course module. On Thursday February 2rd at 12:oo am EDT, the full course will be released. The course will finish on Sunday February 5th at 11:59 pm EDT, during this time I will be answering questions. After the weekend, you will have access to the course content for a lifetime.*
What if I want the full course right away?
You can request to have the full course right away if you're eager. The only downfall is that I won't be able to answer any questions till the designated weekend of the release, and you will also lose the complimentary review.
What if I don't finish the course in the designated weekend?
You can choose to do the course at a later time, or take longer doing the work, but the downfall is that you won't receive the complimentary review and you will not be able to ask me questions.
What if I am unhappy with the course? What's the refund policy?
I would hate if you were unhappy with the course! If you feel like the course was to no value to you or that you have a difficult time streaming the videos due to internet speeds, or if your computer was too slow to follow the lesson with the software I will making you use, then you can contact me for a full refund within 30 days after registration.
Are the lessons easy? I'm not technically inclined...
I teach you about the essentials of an online business and then show you step by step how to creating everything you need to build your online business. I've tested this course on individuals who's most advance skill on a computer was running a word program. With very basic knowledge in computers, you can learn to build a website, design your own logo and much more.
Will I be able to ask questions if I encounter an issue or don't understand a lesson?
When the weekend course is running, I will be answering students' questions all day for 3 full days. I will then be addressing more concerns, and reviewing websites and logos during the review the week after.
Do I have to put 60-80$ aside for my website?
Yes, unfortunately you will need to have an extra 60-80$ to buy hosting service for your website. This is not a fee you pay me or the course, you will be paying Bluehost (the hosting company we will be using) this cost to run your website. Everyone that owns a website pay these fees.
I could really benefit from this course, but I'm not a mother, can I still take the course?
I made this course with mothers with young children in mind, but this course and its steps can cater to anyone wanting to start their own online business. The process is the same.



In this course you are taught how to build your own website. In order to create your own website, you will have to pay for a hosting service and a domain name, which can cost anywhere between 40$ to 80$ (we'll be using hosting service from Bluehost). Every online business owner pay these fees to run a website.


A Apple or PC computer that isn't too old and slow. We will be downloading a free trial software and you need to have a computer with decent performance. If your computer seems to not be able to keep up to the software once downloaded, you can ask for a refund of the course, if you cannot continue with the lessons.


If you have extremely slow internet speeds, be aware that the videos may buffer and take time to load. If this is the case after you purchase the course, and that you immediately see that your internet speed is not sufficient to run the lessons, you can ask for a refund.